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Delta Movers came into existance in June 2005. The founders and co-owners of the company have long-standing experience in transport and logistics; moreover, they are fully engaged in developing the company which has it`s own transport means and contracts signed with other licensed carriers. Delta Movers provides special transport services, especially moving services for state and local government institution, economic subjects and natural persons. We also offer transport of specialist computer, scientific or medical equipment, safes and pianos. We also provide transport services for special events, outdoor performances or film production. We hope our offer is complete and each task may be performed on time. We also strive to satisfy even the most demanding clients transport needs in the expected way and complying with the highest standards. Our knowledge about the transport market makes it possible for us cooperate with reliable partners in the whole Poland. If there is a need for huge transport project requiring transport means and services in the whole country we are ready to carry it out.



    Moving services for natural persons

    WE offer a full range of moving services from “door-to-door” services for clients looking for simple and not expensive solutions to “ready-to-move-in” services with packing and unpacking. No matter which option the clients choose they may feel comfortable and safe.

    We also help in choosing the best option and in organizing the moving `enterprise`. Thus before specifying the details and signing the contract our consultant inspects the place, gives advice and helps to plan the moving or choose the most effective organization way (which in many cases is dependant on time, distance, costs, etc.) our consultant provides you with necessary information hot to prepare the moving.

    We are proud to say that the list of our clients gets longer every day. It is also a source of delight for us that we are commissioned by our clients for other moving or transport services. In order to get information on a potential price of the moving, please fill in the order form with all information which will allow us to estimate the range and costs of the service. During 24 hours after receiving the order form our consultant will contact you in order to specify the details.

    Moving services for state institutions, economic subjects, international moving services

    We have great experience in moving office furniture, production lines, service and commercial units.
    We attach special importance to our client`s requirements, the type of the goods and deadlines.
    We really understand client`s needs and thus the transport staff tries not to influence  the work of the client`s company in a negative way.
    We are ready to organize moving on free days or nights so that the institution office may work without interruption.
    Our clients may expect that we will prepare a detailed plan of moving and that the service will be carried out by experienced workers – we never employ people coincidentally and against the law or other regulations.
    We always protect transported goods with greatest care and attention – depending on their type.

    We possess equipment necessary or at least helpful in providing moving services properly. We transport goods in vehicles adjusted to furniture and specialist equipment transport, which have fastenings straps, blankets and hydraulic lifts of different lifting capacity.

    Our workers are provided with proper clothing when transporting and moving goods. When working in laboratories, they have disposable polypropylene coveralls, cotton glovers and other special protective clothing.
    In order to avoid any possible doubts, detailed principles and conditions of each moving enterprise are described in the contract signed before starting the moving process.

    If a client wishes or if we find it helpful we take “before” and “ after” photos of the places we work in.
    During the whole transport we are in  phone contact with the drivers and thanks to the GPS system we may inform our clients where the transported goods are at the moment.

    Technical services

    We have also introduced technical services for our clients:

    Moving is an opportunity to clean places which are usually unavailable. We offer complex cleaning services, e.g. caret washing and window cleaning.

    We remove all signs of moving. We ise professional Karcher equipment and effective cleaning agents.
    Moreover, we may do all technical works and repairs – replacing light bulbs, hanging paintings and curtain rods, woodworks, painting-works.

    We also provide disposal and utilization services of old equipment, waste paper, computers and documents according to the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment.

    In order to protect our client`s personal data when transporting their documents we use sealed bags and carton board boxes labeled FOR  UTILIZATION.

    Special transport

    Our knowledge, experience a proper base and a team of qualified workers let us realize the most demanding special transport projects.

    Easily, with full responsibility and greatest professional care we may transport specialist laboratory, medical equipment, computers, safes etc. When it is necessary we cooperate with other producers or authorized services.


    Private clients, companies and institutions may also keep goods of different kind according to their wish in our heated and monitored storehouse. It is  a good solutions if, for any reason, they do not have enough space for storing furniture, documents or other things, or when they have their flats renovated.

    Storehouse services are offered on profitable financial conditions and the goods stored are protected and insured against damages.


    We attach special attention to safety and perfect condition of goods entrusted to us by the clients. Not only do we provide services with elaborate care but also we guarantee full insurance of the performed service.

    Goods transported by our company are insured from the beginning  till the end of the service
    The goods are  insured against the risk of losing or damaging during transport
    Our clients are offered preferential additional individual insurances of transported goods.

    Packaging material

    We have equipment necessary or helpful in providing services properly.
    We use different protective materials which we possess I great quantities – thick carton board boxes, protective wraps (bubbl w wraps etc.), stretch wraps or insulation foam used for protecting untypical, glass or fragile goods.

    These materials not only protect the transported goods from mechanical damage but they also protect the surfaces from the negative  influence of weather conditions and dust.

    Services for furniture shops

    We offers complex services of transporting, loading and unloading for furniture shops and assembling exposition furniture at the clients place.
    Office or kitchen furniture is no problem for us. It is worth checking!!

    Heavy equipment transport

    We have knowledge, experience, a team of qualified workers and a base for realizing the most demanding transport projects.
    We transport specialist laboratory equipment, medical equipment, computers, all kinds of safes, heavy production machinery, etc. – easily, with full responsibility, greatest care and attention required by producers and service centers.

    One should also remember that the weight of complicated machines having different purposes
    plays a great role; and especially in such situations planning the transport carefully is really important for us. It also essential to choose poper equipment adjusted to this kind of services.

    • Transport carts /rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels/
    • Transport rolls not damaging the floors / polyurethane/
    • Transport platforms
    • Rubber mats protecting the floors and stair
    • Platforms, steel and aluminum tracks
    • Shock-absorbing plastic and Styrofoam pallets / laboratory equipment, technical computers, cash machines, etc./
    • Winch motors, lines, lifts, dowels, safety snap-hooks
    • Self-shaping foams / fillers/

    Get rid of your old furniture

    Moving is a great opportunity to do major cleaning.
    Our company may take your old furniture or other things to a rubbish damp. In such a situation we offer special card board boxes for small things labeled FOR UTILIZATION.


Selected Clients

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Alexander mann solutions
Brown Brother Harriman
Chemical Global
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