We are in possession of a new warehouse adjusted to the needs of our clients which meets the highest standards for furniture, IT equipment, and personal possessions storage.

The storage area of 680 m2 and 3800 m3 is an entirely new a steel structure covered with high quality layered slabs filled with polyurethane foam, which characteristically ensures high heat insulation and maintenance of a stable temperature throughout the year.

The warehouse unit of Data Movers:

  • SONNIGER Inbound air curtain central heating inside the building;
  • Is based on a separate fenced plot of land;
  • Has the CCTV system with the automatic notification system in case of theft attempts where the security company is obliged to respond within 5 minutes;
  • Is incessantly monitored by a watchman;
  • Has a fire alarm system.

The storage offer ensures:

  • Labelling - placing self-adhesive thermal and thermal transfer labels printed and provided by the client;
  • Manual works - manually performed works following the particular specification of the client:
    • Retrieving the strictly specified elements of the sets, following the quality standards;
    • Labelling the products with codes, indexes or stickers;
    • Packing IT equipment in carton boxes;
    • Segregating and assessing the assets following the Client's guidelines;
    • Utilization of damaged elements (furniture, equipment, IT);
    • Pallet storage.
  • Foliating products or permanent protection of any item with shrink wrap or stretch wrap;
  • Utilization of IT and electronic equipment - our offer includes submitting equipment for utilization following the binding European standards and confirmed with a certificate.