The Delta Movers company was established in July 2005. Its founders and partners have years of experience in the field of transport and logistics, they are also fully engaged in the development of the company which is in possession of its own means of transport as well as contracts signed with other licensed carriers.

Delta Movers provides specialist transport services including in particular relocation of state and local government institutions, of business entities, and natural persons as well as offers transport of specialist, computer, science, and medical equipment and also transport of safes or pianos as well as offers transport services for open-air events or film makers.

We want our offer to be possibly the widest and to enable us to carry out all our orders timely and with due care in order to meet the transport needs of the most demanding clients in line with their expectations and following the highest standards in our field.

Our transport market expertise enables us also to co-operate with the tried and tested partners all over the country. Should the need arise to provide transport services for a major project entailing the use of a bigger number of vehicles or involving simultaneous provision of services all over the country, we are perfectly capable of carrying out such a project.

It's worth mentioning that the Delta Mover's expertise and experience, its specified economic and technical potential as well as (if not primarily) well-qualified and committed staff able to carry out all orders ensure the proper performance of the service.

We can at the same time ensure that our Company meets all the requirements set out in the act of 29th January 2010 Public Procurement Law, and is not subject to exclusion form the procedure following paragraph 24 of the Public Procurement Law. We are in possession of all the necessary Certificates of Professional Competence and licenses required since January 2004 as well as the appropriate insurance for every service carried out by us, which makes us a reliable partner for our Clients.