How do we work? Delta Movers is a leading company in the field!

Check how we work

We have been in the business since 2005 working for our invaluable experience and constantly improving our qualifications. We operate in the area of transport and logistics providing specialist transport services. How do we work? First of all, we depend on the specialist equipment and tried and tested methods of transport of particularly sensitive loads. What kind of loads? Such as:

  • high class computer equipment,
  • scientific equipment,
  • medical equipment,
  • safes,
  • pianos and other musical instruments.

We are capable of successfully providing services for open-air events and film productions. We are invariably fully focused on the project, reliable, and professional. That's what we're famous for.

Confidence and experience

How do we operate? Transport and logistics hold no mystery for us. Despite the fact that the company was founded in 2005, the professional experience of its owners is far greater. It is accompanied with the complete engagement of the owners in the constant development of the business and improvement of the employees' qualifications, who are already now the top professionals in their fields. You can be sure that your relocation or transport of equipment is in the hands of experienced specialists capable of undertaking virtually every project of this kind throughout Poland.

Highest competences

In order to make our offer even more comprehensive, we co-operate with tried and tested partners all over Poland. Additionally, we meet all highest quality and legal standards. This is because we meet all the necessary requirements set out in the Public Procurement Law. We are also in possession of Certificates of Professional Competence and licenses for all the services we provide. This ensures reliability and effectiveness.

We receive plenty of queries about the way we operate. Our top specialists are prepared to answer all kinds of questions, assist with advice, and their competences. There is no room for compromise in the area of transport - no loose ends are acceptable. So, how do we work? We are first of all effective, responsible, and deliver the highest possible competences.